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What is the "Certified Builders Guild" and what does it mean to me?

The Certified Builders Guild (CBG) is a not-for-profit organization, which certifies Builders who have met the organization's rigorous standards. Every custom home build by a Guild Certified Builder is evaluated by the Guild through the use of an evaluation form sent to each Client that has built a home with a Certified Builder. The K.V. Sanders Company is proud to be a CBG Certified Builder.

What type of information is contained in your job bid?

The K.V. Sanders Company presents an extremely detailed Job Estimate to all of its Clients. Our estimates are made up of two primary documents. The first of these documents is the Job Bid sheets. These sheets (click here to view) contain a detailed line item cost of each of the construction cost categories, which make up the overall project budget of your new custom home. Typically there are about 80 of these cost line items that sum up to give you your total project cost. This detailed cost breakdown allows you to see how the expenses of the project break out and possibly identify potential areas of additional savings. In addition to the Job Bid sheets we also include an Assumptions and Conditions document. This document (click here to view) is typically around 14 pages long and contains a written description of what is included in each of the 80 or so line item costs listed in the Job Bid. This allows you to know exactly what is and is not included in the price we present.

What type of building contract do you utilize?

The K.V. Sanders Company operates primarily on a Modified Fixed plus Fee type contract. This is an agreement that fixes the basic structural costs while establishing an allowance structure for items that are typically client driven selections. Our experience shows us that this form of contract allows us to offer the lowest costs while at the same time establishing a partnering relationship with our Clients with value as our primary goal.

How are construction expenses paid and how am I kept informed?

Typically, all construction expenses are paid by a disbursing company. Disbursing companies make payments to, and collect lien waivers from all companies involved in the project based solely on The K.V. Sanders Company’s instructions for payment for completed work. As work progresses, The K.V. Sanders Company will keep you informed on the project’s financial status with a Job Cost Summary Report. This report lists, for each cost category in your project, the budeget, any approved changes to the budget, costs disbursed to date, and costs remaining.

How does the material selection process work when building a custom home?

A true custom home can have a very large selection list. You can select everything from door hinges and window hardware to brick type and millwork profiles. You can set your own level of participation, but we encourage our Clients to be highly involved in all decisions. This ensures their complete satisfaction at the completion of the project. We will provide you with all the decision-making resources and track all the details in this process. Of course the decision on your level of involvement is ultimately yours, but if you desire to save yourself some time you can rely with complete confidence on our high quality product standards formulated over many years of experience.

How long will it take to build our custom home?

The answer to this question depends on the size and level of detail in your new home as well as local weather. We definitely do not "rush the process". Quality control can only be achieved with proper pacing. Typically we find that a 3000 square foot home takes about six months to construct. For every additional 1000 square feet, add one month.

Will you build our plan on our building site?

Yes. We often build for people who already have their own building site or building plans. In working with you or your architect we may offer suggestions relating to the building site or plan as part of our overall job proposal. As a true custom builder we want to see your new home project succeed and are more than happy to work with the team you have assembled.

What kind of warranty do you offer on our custom home?

The K.V. Sanders Company provides a full one-year warranty.


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